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Test leads for multimeter

Multimeter test leads can be used in areas such as daily life and experimental research, such as measuring leads, electrical switches, etc.

Test leads with alligator clips

Alligator clip test leads can be widely used in laboratories, shops, schools, homes and industries. They are ideal for electrical testing. Test leads are also useful in narrow places (wires need to be moved between narro

Test leads with banana plug

The significance of the stackable banana plug test lead is that you can plug multiple banana plugs into the same banana jack. Elastic materials are added to the raw materials, not the hard and smooth plastics that you fi

Test leads with BNC

The coaxial cable uses hard copper wire as the core and is covered with a layer of insulating material. The insulating material layer is surrounded by a densely woven mesh conductor, and the mesh is covered with a layer

Test leads with tweezers

The Test leads with tweezers is a new type of test tool with simple operation and suitable for the measurement of precision circuits and microelectronic components.

IC hook minigrabber test leads

The IC hook Minigrabber test lead is suitable for multimeter measurement, with long service life, high stability and good performance in connection, high measurement accuracy, simple use and convenient carrying.

Retractable test leads

The retractable test lead is used to test the circuit. The cables in the protective box are usually insulated alligator clip test leads and safety banana plug test leads. The products are divided into magnetic products a