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Retractable test leads
Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads
  • Retractable test leads

Retractable test leads

 ✔ NUELEAD can make design renderings of product logo and text printing for you free of charge
✔ Both the outer packaging and the label can be sent to you for confirmation
✔ Questions about wire gauge NUELEAD can provide semi-finished products (product components) for your inspection
✔ NUELEAD promises to repair or replace products  for you free of charge within one year

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Product Details
NUELEAD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of retractable test leads in China.

NUELEAD has 17 years experience in the production of test leads, in accordance with IOS9001 following good manufacturing standards, and our advanced production equipments make us the leader in the production of retractable test leads in China.
Retractable Test Lead

Retractable Test Lead

Wire gauge: 18 AWG
Length: 10FT-30FT
The connectors at both ends of the lead can be alligator clips or banana plugs.
Both magnetic and without magnetic can be selected
Retractable Test Lead Set

Retractable Test Lead Set

It can be matched according to the combination of sets you want, and NUELEAD's other diagnostic test products are for you to choose and combine.

Retractable Test Lead Set

Customized Retractable Test Lead

The number of leads can be customized: 1pcs-3pcs
Lead colors: red, black, yellow, green, blue etc.
Length: 10FT-60FT
Connectors at both ends: alligator clips, banana plugs, test hooks etc.
Can choose whether with or without magnetic version


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Why Choose NUELEAD Retractable Test Leads

NUELEAD was established in 1994 and has accumulated more than 17 years of experience in product manufacturing. Using high quality new raw materials that meet environmental protection requirements, the stability of our produced products are guaranteed. In order to ensure product quality,our factory implements division of production areas and strictly guarantees the quality and quality control of the entire process of products from raw materials-drawing cables-cutting cables-assembly-welding-injection molding-inspection-packaging. 

NUELEAD provides logo, product appearances, cable colors and packaging customization services for more than 100 customers, and has a wealth of customization experience. Just because of the unique private customization services, NUELEAD can make your independent brand personalized customization win the bid again and again. You can negotiate business through any online chat way or video software you like, such as Skype, WhatsAPP, Wechat, and we can complete the order payment through the most convenient payment methods you think. After receiving the goods, if there is any product quality problem, we will provide you with free replacement service the first time, and the on-call after-sales service ensures customers without any worry.
Retractable Test Lead factory
Retractable Test Lead Company

NUELEAD is very strict in controlling the raw materials of the Retractable Test Lead. The factory selects the most suitable raw material suppliers for this product according to the existing supplier lists, and maintains the applicability of the product in the process. The two most important processing steps in the production process are the wire drawing and injection molding process. They will be verified before use to ensure the accuracy and production capacity of the equipment, and to ensure that the process-related documents used in the process are all valid versions.

Incoming material inspection: use a hydrometer to test the specific gravity of plastic particles, and use an electron microscope to check whether the parts are defective or not.

Production control: use production circulation orders, take actions of daily inspections, and conduct random inspections for each process.

Finished product inspection: 100% full inspection of all products, use resistance tester and voltage tester to check the wires, use the tensile tester to check the plug insertion force, use the swing tester to check whether the wires are welded firmly, and use the microscope to check the product details and defects. We will use an electron microscope to observe the position of the soldering point to ensure the firmness between alligator clip and the cable, to ensure that our product can be used for a long time.

NUELEAD will use appropriate methods to identify products in the product testing process, and distinguish unverified, qualified or unqualified products through identification. NUELEAD has developed non-conforming product control procedures to detect non-conforming products in a timely manner, clearly identify the non-conforming products and store them in isolation, and supervise and supervise the treatment methods of non-conforming products to prevent you from receiving conforming products and non-conforming products. We will ensure your expected products rightly to use.

The following are NUELEAD workshops quantities, names and supporting equipments:

Wire drawing workshop: Extrusion wire drawing machine*2, copper wire wrapping machine*2, copper wire binding machine*1, cable coiling machine*2, wire cutting machine*4

Injection workshop: small injection molding machine*5, large injection molding machine*3

Assembly workshop: ultrasonic plastic welding machine*1, automatic terminal crimping machine*3, pneumatic punching machine*1, manual punching machine*5

Inspection workshop: electronic wire comprehensive testing machine *3

Packaging workshop: blister packaging machine*1, small winding machine*2, large winding machine*1, automatic heat sealing machine*3, carton packing machine*2

Electronic laboratory: resistance tester, withstand voltage tester, swing tester, specific gravity tester, electron microscope, tensile tester, oscilloscope, various clamp meters, ammeters and multimeters

NUELEAD has complete production equipments and equip with professional production persons. Other factories selling retractable test leads may only produce test leads or plastic casings separately, and other accessories must be purchased outsourcing, but NUELEAD has our own wire drawing workshop and injection molding workshop, with several wire drawing machines and dozens of small and large injection molding machines. . At the same time, more automation equipments will be added to meet all customized needs of customers. The concept of NUELEAD is constantly innovating and the technology is constantly upgrading.

NUELEAD has passed the ISO9001 certification standard, which is used to verify that our factory has the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. At the same time, we have also passed the Jinpin Chengqi Strength Factory Certification jointly established by Alibaba and TUV. At the product level, Nuelead also has many test reports and certificates, such as CE, RoHS, Reach, CP65...Retractable Test Lead is also in applying for product appearance patents.

NUELEAD has an independent design and R&D laboratory and is equipped with 2 professional R&D persons. 2-3 new products are developed every quarter. The electronic laboratory has experimental equipments such as resistance tester, withstand voltage tester, swing tester, specific gravity tester, electron microscope, and tensile tester. One-stop service from product design to product molding. Focus on market feedback, collect customer reviews and user experience, so as to integrate advanced design concepts into products time and time again.

NUELEAD service process:

1. After receiving your inquiry, quote the price based on the existing information the first time.
2. Sometimes you need to supplement the product parameter requirements and then quote you after reconfirmation with you.
3. Communicate with you in advance about the way of transportation and delivery time.
4. Produce samples when the price is confirmed, then send the samples to you, produce bulk goods after confirming the samples.

NUELEAD offers a one-stop service from raw materials to finished products.We own all the production knowledge of retractable test leads,can also provide you with free technical consulting services. At the same time, we can also provide high-definition product pictures and posters for resource sharing with you freely. NUELEAD's business field involves customers in more than 30 countries around the world. We will respond to you quickly within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. We have a high quality and high efficient pre-sales and after-sales service system to give you the most satisfactory consumer experience.

We have well received good reviews by many customers in Europe and America. On the basis of the same or even lower investment budget, this product is more popular, and some reviews from customers as below:

 I have to order in advance to prevent myself from being out of stock. I asked them to customize the packaging that I wanted. The effect was very good, and it can be easily displayed in my shop. Compared to other Chinese suppliers, I think NUELEAD brand is a better choice.
---Roberto from the United States

Product material (material):

Outter jacket material: PVC
Reel material: ABS
Clip material: Nickel-plated iron
Conductor: Copper wire

Product features (characteristics):

Easy to unwind, rewind, pull and twist.High-quality 18 AWG test wire with alligator clip, durable and very flexible.The wires and alligator clips have different colors, which are easy to identify and prevent connection errors.

Product appearance (structure):

Usually, the round ABS reel contains 3 retractable double-ended alligator clip test leads. Sometimes there are 2 elbow banana plug test leads connected to the straight banana plug test leads. They are distinguished by color.

How the product works (principle):

Pull out the telescopic test lead and maintain the required length. The magnetic wire reel can be attached to the surface of the car. When not in use, the test lead can be returned to the protective box.

Product production process:

Wire pulling---Wind the wire inside the reel---Soldering conductors with connectors---Injection mold for the complete plugs---Finished cable Test---Packing in cartons

Product model (specification parameters):

Model: 1030
Color: black
Length: 10ft,15ft,20ft......
Wire: 18#

Product Usage:

Used to test circuits in cars, trailers, boats, etc.

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3. Inquiry for MOQ, Unit Price, etc

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