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Multimeter test lead kits
Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits
  • Multimeter test lead kits

Multimeter test lead kits

Multi-function test lead kit, standard diameter banana plug, including replacement probe head and other accessories, used for different electrical work and multiple purposes.

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Product Details
Product material (material):

Wire material: PVC Conductor: Copper wire Test Probe material: nickel-plated copper/gold-plated copper

Product features (characteristics):

Precise, Durable and Comfortable: A replaceable gold-plated probe ensures high strength, high conductivity, long service life and accurate test data. The surface gives the user a comfortable, reliable grip on the accessory.

Product appearance (structure):

"They are designed for use with any multimeter, clamp meter, test instrument and so on. Removable tips, banana plugs, alligator clips and spade terminal can help expand testing capability and flexibility.
The plug of the wire are equipped with protective cover to prevent damage to the teat lead plug. Heat-resistant and cold-resistant test probes are silicone insulated and provides comfort grip."

How the product works (principle):

The test lead of the multimeter can be connected to most multimeter instruments, and various types of replaceable probes and alligator clips can basically meet all your testing needs. Both accessories and test cables can be connected to each other for easier testing.

Product production process:

Usually using turning processing, then injection molding, and finally assembly.

Product model (specification parameters):

Model: 3601
Withstand voltage: 1000V CAT II
Withstand current: 15A/20A
Probe diameter: 1mm
Total length: 100cm
Banana plug diameter: 4mm

Product Usage:

The replaceable gold-plated multimeter test probes, alligator clips, test hook and back probe pins can be used in different measurement environments such as industrial, electronics, home and automotive.

Model No. Photo Description
1 Multimeter test lead kits10 Test Lead Kit
2 Test Lead Kit
3 Test Lead Kit
4 Test Lead Kit
5 Test Lead Kit
6 Test Lead Kit
7 Test Lead Kit
8 Test Lead Kit
9 Test Lead Kit
10 Test Lead Kit
11 Test Lead Kit
12 Test Lead Kit
13 Test Lead Kit
14 Test Lead Kit
15 Muitimeter Test Lead Set with Alligator Clip
16 Muitimeter Test Lead Set with Back Probe Pin

1000V 20A Probe Test Leads with Alligator Clips Multimeter Test Lead Set


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