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Binding post
Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post
  • Binding post

Binding post

Binding posts are commonly used connectors on electronic test equipment. They are installed on power amplifiers and speakers to connect to speaker wires and are used to terminate (connect) a single wire or test wire.

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Product Details
Product material (material):

Material: Plastic,Iron,Copper,nickel plated/gold plated

Product features (characteristics):

Compact, reliable and durable.
Easy installation with screws locking and easy to use.
Stable performance and easy to install.

Product appearance (structure):

The terminal consists of a metal rod with a central thread and a cap to tighten the rod.
Bottle caps are usually insulated with plastic and color coded: red usually indicates active or positive terminals. Black means invalidreference or return) or negative terminal; green means ground terminal.

How the product works (principle):

There is a hole for banana plugs, and if you unscrew the plastic nut, there is a post for spade terminals and a hole for bare wire insert.
They are just banana plug jacks, or places to plug in banana plugs in the end or unscrew the thing and you can either put the wire through a hole in the post or wrap it around the post and screw the thing back down.

Product production process:

It is assembled by metal rod, nut, iron gasket and plastic shell.

Product model (specification parameters):

Model: 6601-6690
Voltage: <1KV
Current: <5A
Color: Red, black, yellow, green, blue
Mounting Boring Diameter: 8mm
Socket Diameter for Banana Plug: 4mm

Product Usage:

Binding post is a kind of connector, which is often used on various types of electronic equipment, especially devices used to test current.Suitable for 4mm banana plugs, spade terminals or bare wire.

Model No. Photo Description
1 Binding Post
2 Binding Post
3 Binding Post
4 Binding Post
5 Binding Post
6 Binding Post
7 Binding Post
8 Binding Post
9 Binding Post
10 Binding Post
11 Binding Post
12 Binding Post
13 Binding Post
14 Binding Post
15 Binding Post
16 Dual Binding Posts
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