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Alligator clip
Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Alligator clip

Alligator clip

Alligator clips are widely used in relay protection sites, laboratories and other test and debugging places, and are also very suitable for instrument and meter manufacturers as instrumentation test connection cable to improve the high reliability of products.There are many different sizes of alligator clip product styles. You can choose the products you need according to your needs. Generally, small alligator clips are used for low-frequency test connections of instruments and meters, and large alligator clips are called battery clips and are used to charge batteries and car batteries.

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Product Details
Product material (material):

Outter jacket material: PVC/Metal Clip material: pure copper, iron-plated nickel, iron-galvanized, iron-plated copper or stainless steel. Conductor: Copper wire

Product features (characteristics):

The alligator clip has the characteristics of convenient connection (only plug-in connection is required), low contact resistance, flexible wire and good insulation performance. Using this electrical measuring lead will greatly improve the efficiency of on-site testing and debugging, and is conducive to the advantages of on-site testing.

Product appearance (structure):

The alligator clip consists of three parts: spring, clip and plunger. After precision processing, the alligator clip is combined into a whole through a special process.The surface is protected by nickel plating. The insulated handle is made by injection molding combined with foreign pressing technology.

How the product works (principle):

The alligator clip is easy to open, and the spring-loaded jaws are tightly held. Once the firm jaws are clamped, they will not easily come off. The spring of the copper alligator clip on the clip has a good firm bite force, which is very suitable for repairing broken wires on test equipment and chargers or making your own low-voltage jumper wires.

Product production process:

Wire pulling---Soldering conductors with Alligator clips---Injection mold for the complete plugs---Finished cable Test---Packing in cartons

Product model (specification parameters):

Model: 6001-6080
Color: red, green, yellow, black, white(can custom)

Product Usage:

Usually suitable for home and automotive applications, it is an ideal choice for DIY welding auxiliary equipment, household welding tools and electrical test tools.

Model No. Photo Description
1 LCR Kelvin Test Alligator Clip
2 Test Alligator Clip With Piercing Needle Teeth
3 1000V 32A Alligator Clip with 4MM Socket on the Tail
4 1000V 32A Alligator Clip with 4MM Socket on the Tail
5 300V 15A Alligator Clip with 4MM Socket on the Tail
6 Alligator Clip With Metal Single Handle and Screw
7 High Quality Single Handle Alligator Clip
8 Metal Allgator Clip 5A (with boot)
9 Cable Clip 20A (with boot)
10 Metal Allgator Clip with Plastic Handle
11 Alligator Test Clip Set
12 Alligator Clip with 4MM Socket on the Tail
13 028 Battery Clip
14 Alligator Clip with Metal Single Handle and Screw
15 10A Test Alligator Clip
16 Pure Copper Tape Insulated Closed Alligator Clip
17 50A Pure Copper Plated Alligator Clip
18 40A Battery Clip
19 75A Battery Clip
20 30A Battery Clip
21 200A Battery Clip
22 100A Battery Clip
23 30A Nickel-Plated Battery Alligator Clip
24 50A Battery Clip
25 75A Battery Clip
26 50A Battery Clip
27 30A Fully Enclosed Battery Clip
28 Small Midium Large Alligator Clip
29 4Mm Banana Plug to Alligator Clip
30 American Metalcraft CLIPIT6 Double-Sided Flexible Metal Hose Sign Alligator Clip
31 NUELEAD 30A Full Closed Sheath Alligator Clip Battery Clamp With Fuse Electrical
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