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RE:After receiving the customer's inquiry, we will quote based on the existing information. Sometimes it is necessary for customers to supplement product parameter requirements and quote after reconfirmation. Communicate with customers in advance about the method of transportation and delivery time. After the prices of both parties are confirmed, samples are produced, and then the samples are sent to the customer. After the customer confirms the samples, we produce bulk goods.

RE:If it is a regular product, we can provide samples for free. If the value of the product is high, we will charge the sample fee appropriately.

RE:Our products are all 100% inspection and go through multiple rounds of checks, as we do our best to provide consistent products.

RE:We have a professional design and R&D team that can provide appearance customization (including color, shape, customer LOGO), and can also change the structure model of the product according to the customer's requirements while ensuring safety and performance.

RE:We support air, sea and express. The delivery time is usually 7-10 days.

RE:Our current product certification and testing certificates we have are: CE, RoHS, California 65, SGS, and we will continue to update and iterate in the future. At the same time, we can also certify and test products according to customer's requirements.

RE:Injection workshop:
Small injection molding machine*5,
Large injection molding machine*3
Assembly workshop:
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine*1,
Automatic terminal crimping machine*3,
Pneumatic punching machine*1,
Manual punching machine*5
Inspection workshop:
Electronic wire comprehensive testing machine *3
Packaging workshop: blister packaging machine*1,
Small winding machine*2,
Large winding machine*1,
Automatic heat sealing machine*3,
Carton packing machine*2
Electronic laboratory:
resistance tester, withstand voltage tester, swing tester, specific gravity tester, electron microscope, tensile tester, oscilloscope, various clamp meters, ammeters and multimeters

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