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Introduction to the precautions for the use of banana plugs

Introduction to the precautions for the use of banana plugs
10 Aug 2022

A banana plug is a general-purpose one that is installed at both ends of the speaker cable and is used to insert a banana jack. Let's take a look at the use of banana plugs and what to pay attention to when buying? Banana plugs and sockets should be securely installed on the outside of insulating boards, electrical panels and switchboards. When installing the three-hole socket, be sure to install the grounding hole (large hole) on it, and the grounding terminal must be connected to the grounding wire, and do not use the neutral wire as the grounding wire. The phase wire should be connected to the specified terminal (marked with the letter "L"). The 220v power supply entering the socket is usually "left zero right phase". At the same time, it has a combination socket with two-hole and three-hole sockets, and it is mostly used as a mobile socket. The rated current of the banana plug or socket should be greater than the rated current of the load connected to the connected appliance, and cannot exceed the rated current of the power socket. When using the mobile plug, keep it clean and pay attention to moisture to avoid leakage or short circuit. When connecting some single-phase three-pin plugs, sockets or three-phase four-pin sockets, the ground wire must be connected to the terminal of the ground symbol and connected to the metal shell of the electrical appliance to ensure safe use. The plug and socket must be in firm contact when wiring, and the metal heads on the adjacent terminals should be kept at a certain distance, and there should be no burrs to avoid short circuits.