Video game coaxial cable|Explain the coaxial series products in detail

Video game coaxial cable|Explain the coaxial series products in detail

Video game coaxial cable

According to the coaxial cable market report released by Research and Markets in June this year, the coaxial cable market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% between 2020 and 2024, increasing by US$2.58 billion. As an important product in the audio-visual entertainment, GPS, and communications industries, it has a wide variety of applications and a wide range of application scenarios. How to fully understand the coaxial cable, just remember the following numbers.

1 definition

A coaxial cable is a cable with two parts of conductors, namely the center conductor and the outer conductor, and an insulating layer is arranged between the two parts of the conductors.

2 different impedance values

Coaxial lines are divided into 2 categories according to different impedance values: 50 ohms and 75 ohms. Among them, the 50 ohm model is used for digital signal transmission, and the 75 ohm model is used for video signal transmission.

(1) When is 50 ohm coaxial cable applicable?

Common applications include backbone cabling when computers build Ethernet, wireless network antenna feeders, GPS antenna feeders, and mobile phone systems.

(2) When is 75 ohm coaxial cable applicable?

The more typical use is to transmit cable TV signals, usually equipped with F-type connectors. The other is a video signal transmission line as a playback device, such as video recorders, drives, and so on. It is usually equipped with BNC and RCA connectors.

3 product identification

(1) Recognition of reverse polarity coaxial connector

It is mainly for a modification of the standard polarity connector interface-the center pin (male) is configured on the socket theme, and the center jack (female) is configured on the plug theme. This type of reverse polarity connector is commonly used in some key parts of the connection system to prevent misconnection. The commonly used interfaces are reverse polarity SMC and reverse polarity TNC.

(2) Recognition of 50 ohm and 75 ohm BNC connector

Among all types of coaxial connectors, BNC is a special category, and it is easy to distinguish between the two specifications. The 50 ohm BNC connector interface has an insulator, while the 75 ohm has no insulator.

(3) Identification of semi-rigid and formable coaxial lines

The semi-rigid coaxial cable adopts a strong copper sheath, which has a better shielding effect, especially at high frequencies. The same semi-rigid wire is not suitable for bending again after being formed once, so it is also called "hard wire". The formable coaxial cable is flexible and can be bent many times to reshape the shape in the application.


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