Precautions for multimeter | multimeter test lead kits

Precautions for multimeter | multimeter test lead kits

Here I introduce the precautions for using the multimeter:

Take the pointer table mf47 as an example, other pointer tables are similar.

1 First of all, you need to know what you want to measure. Select the switch knob to the corresponding position as shown in the figure below.

2 When selecting the range, if you don’t know the voltage or current to be measured, you need to use a long range and then decrease in sequence (it is best to rotate the pointer of the pointer meter to the middle position of the meter head for the most accurate reading)

3 Do not change the range with power when measuring current and voltage

4 When measuring the current, observe the direction of current from + to -. The red test lead enters the black test lead out. Please do not connect it in parallel with the load or it will burn the meter easily.

5 When measuring resistance, it is not possible to perform live measurement, because the internal battery powers the meter head to drive the pointer to rotate when measuring resistance. If a live measurement is equivalent to using external electricity to supply power to the meter head, it is easy to burn the meter head.

5 When measuring the resistance of the pointer meter, you should first connect the test leads to the manual zero adjustment, and reset the zero when changing the range (the digital meter is not used)

6 When using a digital meter, if the measured reading only displays 1 at the highest digit, and the others are not displayed as over-range, the higher range should be used to decrease sequentially.]
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